Almost 900 windows of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warszawa will be replaced within the next 6 years with new ones by CDM Sp. z o.o.

The investment will include windows from the high-rise part only and be conducted under the supervision of a conservator. New windows, like the current ones, will be made from oak wood. An additional convenience noticeable by users, resulting from ensuring appropriate safety, will be the tilting option of casements. Special glass panes which absorb sunrays will also be used in them thanks to which the rooms will not heat up so intensely as before. In addition to joinery, the scope of works also provides for the replacement and renovation of the internal and external window sills.
The investment is being carried out in the “design and build” system. This means the necessity of individual approach to the subject of the tender, resulting primarily from different sizes of windows and their overall dimensions, type of material used, and scope of works which will be conducted in the historic building in connection with their installation.
CDM will have to face not only with the design and produce of windows, but also with the removal of the old ones and installation of joinery made by itself. Additionally, they will have to renovate some internal and external casements as well as conduct construction and finishing works. The whole investment will be executed in accordance with the recommendations and under conservation supervision.
An undoubted hindrance will be performance of works at height during normal functioning of the building.
The investment together with the design work, will take approx. 6 years. The replacement and renovation of windows will include the floors from I to XXX.