Dear Sirs and Madams,

We are confident that the views from your windows are wonderful. Such images require equally beautiful frames. This is the first, and how important argument, to avail yourself of our offer. The wooden windows and doors which we produce are elegant, stylish and create a fine combination with the environment . They also add class to homes and apartments, emphasize the beauty of the buildings and form a harmonious whole in historic houses and palaces.

A lot of unique and beautiful things can be made from wood and this beauty can also be functional. Experienced designers and technologists will help you to select every vision, every shape, pattern, most interesting colors and shades of paints as well as an intricate ornamentation. What is more, they can also consult directly with your architect or substitute investor.

We take extra care for the highest quality of our products. The fundament of the quality is wood . Wooden windows and doors provide comfort, guarantee safety, interior deadening and excellent protection against cold. We use both native oak , pine, spruce , larch , and exotic Asian shorea wood. In our products we use hinges , locks and fittings made by world’s best manufacturers. They increase the durability of our products. We remember about ecology: we use modern technologies which make both the production and final products environmentally friendly.

We have been manufacturing wooden windows and doors since 2000. Our long experience, efficient and professional team, on time delivery, long-term warranties are arguments for taking advantage of our services.

Check us, explore our great team, come to us …

With regards,
Team of CDM Sp. z o.o.