ThermighT Windows

As the leading manufacturer of wooden and wooden-aluminum windows in Poland, CDM presents you with its new line of windows. Designing windows involved using current trends in modern home design. Innovatve solutons allow you to fully enjoy the convenience of use, while providing excellent performance and completely change the percepton of windows.
When buying , you give your home:

  • Ecological, natural and environmentally friendly windows – all windows are made exclusively of wood from sustainable forest management and FSC® certified (FSC-C105398). Moreover, the innovatve design of the windows guarantees 20% less wood consumption, as compared to traditonal wooden windows, while maintaining the same excellent thermal performance.
  • Maximum brightness in rooms, achieved through the unique window structure and the special type of
    glass fixing that maximizes the glass surface by up to 12%.
  • Greater durability of windows – thanks to receding the window sash completely inside the window frame, the durability of the window is signifcantly higher, and in the case of the window series, where the frame is additonally covered by aluminum, the maintenance of window frames from the outside is minimized.
  • Additonal Features – in , you get to choose exterior color from the aluminum color palette.
  • Favorable investment – the latest available window systems guarantee both energy savings and increase
    the value of the property.